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英単語の覚え方「自作の英単語動画をリピート再生」How I remember words






Dual Music - リスニング & BGM -

Dual Music - リスニング & BGM -

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追記) ↑できました。デュアルミュージックというアプリで。



ワタシは何にこんなにも孤軍奮闘しているのか。いや、「極東」の小島の女性の立場だからこそ、爆弾を落としてくる異国のオヤジらにできることや言えることがあるに違いない、とワタシは日々、ひしと感じているのである‼︎ Why am I struggling so alone? No, because of the position of a small island woman in the " Far East", I feel that there must be something for me to do and say something to foreign men who drop bombs on children. 



I realize that if you don't know English words that are at least level pre-1 in the EIKEN test, you can't have a conversation at the level of adult. I took Eiken the 2nd grade when I was 17, but I feel grade2 is at the level of 10. I like this book, Tanjukugo EX.

Let's just say that the old men in the Japanese government, who received an wartime education in their adolescence, didn't want the little brats who were fascinated by American culture to become fluent in English. Probably because they thought it would be troublesome. That's right, we are being manipulated by the bastardized Diet administration...

It seems that when you get to level 1 of the Eiken test, you'll come across some difficult words that your literature teacher would use, but I'm struggling alone to remember them.

I don't like carrying around books, so I typed all the words I didn't know on my computer. I did a little bit each day, and it took me 4 days.

This is to use the audio that reads out the words and example sentences. Even if you just look at the words and memorize them, you won't understand the sounds or how to use.

Following the steps above, enter the words into the notepad on your smartphone, simultaneously play the music and the narrator's audio reading the words and example sentences, record the screen, upload the video to YouTube, and then download it to your device. I played it offline (I have YouTube Premium) and listened to it in my free time. The effect was huge. The number of views is displayed, which gives you a little motivation.


but! Several months ago, I was no longer able to record the narrator's voice screen. You can't "play word videos while working on." Hey, Tim(Cook).Therefore, I am currently experimenting with a method of photographing the computer screen.



英単語は、英検準1級くらいの単語を知らないと、社会人レベルの会話は、できないと実感する。ワタシは 高2の時に2級を取ったが、2級は体感で小学生レベルだ。本は、単熟語EXが気に入って使っていた。





前に述べた要領で、スマホのメモ帳に入力し、音楽とナレーターの単語と例文の朗読音声を同時再生し、 それを画面収録し、その動画をYouTubeにアップし、さらにそれを端末にダウンロードし、(YouTubeプレミアムに入っている)オフライン再生して、スキマ時間に聴きまくった。効果絶大である。シャワー浴びながら、ランチ食べながら。