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クチャラーに口を閉じてと言えない問題 Chewing noise


Recently, Sapporo is a very popular tourist destination, and a lot of tourists from Asian countries visit, and there are small frustration in various places due to cultural differences. I'm going to draw several manga that peacefully and politely conveys in a foreign language that there are something that Japanese people are putting up with foreigners, and spread it to foreigners on TwitterX, etc.Thank you. 


Chinese version 

최근에, 삿포로는 매우 인기 있는 관광지이며, 아시아 국가에서 온 많은 관광객들이 방문하며, 문화적 차이로 인해 여러 곳에서 작은 좌절감이 있다. 저는 일본인들이 외국인을 참는 것을 외국어로 평화롭고 정중하게 전달하는 만화 몇 개를 그리고 TwitterX 등에서 외국인들에게 퍼뜨릴 것입니다. 감사합니다.




Making noise while you're eating is very childish, uneducated, and stupid image for the westerners. 食事中に騒音を出すのは西洋人にとって非常に幼稚で、教育を受けておらず、愚かなイメージであるようです。"Please! PLEASE!! "笑

I think that maybe the Disney staff at that time were irritated by the many Asian Kucharers in Los Angeles at that time, so they tried to write this scene and convey them. lol 当時のディズニーのスタッフたちは、当時のロサンゼルスで、たくさんいるアジア人のクチャラーたちにイライラしていたから、こんなシーンを書いて伝えようとしたんじゃないかなと、私は思う。

In British culture, I think that Westerners had the image that "the church strictly educates the lowest level of poor people who do not even know the manners of eating and are not educated at all."英国の文化で、「食事のマナーすら知らない、全く教育を受けていない救貧院の最下層の人間を教会が厳しく教育する」というイメージが、西洋人には、あったのではないかと思う。

↓A British TV program called "Let's experience the poorhouse of the Victorian era (around the 1830s - 1900s)." It was interesting and too scary. 

↓「ヴィクトリア時代(1830年代 - 1900年代前後)の救貧院を体験してみよう」というイギリスのテレビ番組。面白かった。当時のイギリスこわすぎ。"GOD IS GOOD" …。19:00, 30:00

(※よく考えれば、日本人は、ラーメンなどの他の麺でもズズーッとやるし、雑炊や味噌汁もズズーッと音を立てる。西洋人からしたら、アジア人みんな同じに見えてる人多いから、「うわぁ…(無理)」ってかんじだろうな、と容易に理解できる。) (※think about it, Japanese also do that with other noodles such as ramen, and rice porridge or miso soup.I  can easily understand that for westerners, all Asians’s meal manner especially for noise, are same and horrible.



香港のあれで、いま欧米諸国にたくさん中華系の方移民してるから、きっと欧米人も同じようにクチャラーに我慢してると思う。「まじマナー悪い、アジア人。アジアに帰れ」とならないよう、「そうか、漫画を描いて伝える平和的なやり方もあるかもな。少なくともジャパニーズの女の人で、こんな漫画描いてる人いるんだな」と知ってもらえたらいいかなと思って、英語バージョンも作りたい気持ちがある。With that in Hong Kong, there are a lot of Chinese immigrants to Western countries now, so I'm sure Westerners are putting up with Kucharer in the same way. In order to think "bad manner Asians Go home", “Well, there may be a peaceful way to draw and convey comics. I thought it would be good if you could know that there are at least a Japanese woman who is drawing comics like this, so I also want to make an English version.


Stop Asian Hate! 




I drew this comic strips for world peace. lol
Please correct me, please!!

In Japan, people who eat with their mouths open and make a noise(kucha kucha) are called "Kucharer" and hate it. I see it very often in older men, but in Japan these days, I rarely see Kucharer.

However, the other day, there was a Kucharer at my favorite delicious Chinese restaurant run by Chinese people.

He was talking to the shopkeeper in Chinese.

He chewed with his mouth open for about 15 minutes with a loud noise and ate it.

I went to eat with my mother, but I couldn't stand the horrible sound, so I said sorry to my mother to put on earphones, and listened to loud club music.

During the meal, I couldn't have a conversation with my mother at all. By the way, my mother didn't have earphones or earplugs, and she couldn't cover her ears because it’s rude, and she endured the unbearable noise for 15 minutes.

"Um... is it difficult for you to eat with your mouth closed? I'm not good at sound..." At that time, I always imagined myself asking for apologies to him, but I couldn't do it.

By the way, Japanese people learned that only when it comes to soba or other noodles, you can make noise, saying"You better to make noise while eating Soba. That is a cool Edokko style! "…but I'm not good at it either.

The sound of sipping noodles is similar to the sound of sniffing or blowing nose, and I feel that it is not a romantic sound, and I think it lacks consideration for others.

If you put food in your mouth, I want you to practice chewing while closing your mouth so that it doesn’t make noise. At least I want you to make an effort in front of me. ( Lol)

I always wanted to tell this to the Kucharers, but I couldn't tell them, and as a result of suffering days, I made it a manga. World Peace. Thank you.


I used google translate, then corrected by Chinese person. Thank you!!!↓

在日本,一边吃饭一边发出噪音的人(kucha kucha)被称为“Kucharer”,我很讨厌他们。这些人通常都是老年男性,但这些天在日本,我很少看到Kucharer。



大约15分钟 他都边吃边发出噪音。