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トルコ銭湯「ハマム」の謎が解けたHammam in Paris


Un sang impressioniste... (適当)

○Du sang impressionniste (Professeur google)


風呂を何かおそろしいことだと誤解しているブンジ↓Bunji misunderstood that the bath is something frightening.

すごいおもしろかった↓great information 


水着のおばさん(アメリカ人旅行アドバイザー)の身体を洗うおっさん。(受付で「女のケセジでお願いします」と言えばこのようなトラブルはないらしい。)This is a man who washes a woman... wow... ( you can tell "woman washer please" at the reception.)

あと、水着の女性にオイルマッサージするおじさんとか…。日本人は口あんぐり。ドイツにはトルコ移民多いんだっけ。まあ、これは、チュニジアのハマムらしいけど。Also, a man who gives oil massages to a woman in a swimsuit... wow. Big world.

現代日本人には唖然だが、日本も1960年代くらいまでは、「三助」という「銭湯の背中流しのおじさん」文化があったそう。明治のフランス人イラストレーターのビゴーも目を丸くしたことであろう。It's a little unthinkable in modern Japan, but Japan also had a culture called Sansuke, back washer, until around the 1960s...Bigot, a young French nerd...illustrator, would have rolled his eyes.

「イスラム圏の男性は男同士でベタベタするので、」「賄賂の話とかされては心底リラックスはできない」"Men in the Islamic world are touchy with men," "I can't relax from the bottom of my heart if they talk about bribes."

はーん、なるほど…ですね。huh...i see...

こちらはパリのモンマルトルのハマム。見たのこれだったかなぁ?覚えてない。This is the hammam of Montmartre in Paris. I wonder if this is what I saw? don't remember.



Yes, it was a study group about Hammam.

Thank you for reading today as well. See you tomorrow on internet. Bon nuit ⭐︎


I  tripped to Paris when I was a college student. My major was French literature, so I just did sightseeing trip.

Marchons, marchons

Qu'un sang imp...

France in a word; the bread and cafe au lait were so good and I liked the Quartier  latin area because it looks like Shimokitazawa.

In a guidebook that I read carefully before traveling, "There are also Turkish public baths hammam in Paris..”

It would be good to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of authentic Turkey."

Hammam...? I want to go...! It’s cheap... I think it was about €7. Challenger Masayo.

However, at that time, there was no YouTube (2004), and I couldn't get information of an explorer such as "I tried a Turkish public bath in Paris." ( Well, it would have been better to read Turkish guidebook though.)

With poor language skills and little information, I didn't have the courage to step into an unknown space with my shy mother. " What's going on in the changing room? Are you going to wrap a towel? Won't the key be broken? Or wear a swimsuit? What is Hammam? Is there a bathtub? What are they doing? merci? Pourquoi? Je suis désolé?" ←baby French

So, as it was then, still

I was in a state of  "mysterious hammam", but when I watched YouTube and the experience manga, I understood it very well. Well, if I have a chance, i’ll go next time. Thank you, YouTubers and travel manga bloggers.

"I tried to experience Hamam in Turkey! splash, Aaaah!!."

"Hmm, I see.  not scared anymore."

←It’s almost the same as Bunji who has never taken a bath

If you show a video of a cat enjoying the bath to a cat that scares in the bath, might be good...大学生の時、パリに行った。フランス文字科だったので、さて洋行してみむというか観光旅行である。

marchons, marchons

Qu'un sang imp…




ハマム・・だと・.?・・・行ってみたい・・・!安いし・・・ たしか€7くらいだった。チャレンジャーマサヨ。


乏しい語学力と、少ない情報を持ってして、シャイガールな母を連れ、未知の空間に足を踏み入れる勇気は、ピチピチの20歳のワタシには、なかった。「更衣室どうなってるの?タオル巻くのかな?カギ壊されたりしない?それとも水着着るの?貴重品とか大丈夫?てかハマムて何?浴槽あるの?何するのmerci? pourquoi? Je suis désolé?」←カタコトフランス語



「ハマムを本場トルコ下体験してみました!ザバァ うわあああ」