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北斎の娘が女性のアーティストとして伝えたかったこと。What Hokusai's daughter wanted to tell as a female artist


Katsushika Ōi (about 1800–after 1857). Display room in Yoshiwara at Night. 1844-54.



“She has turned the courtesans who were so often shown as fashion plates into anonymous figures, obscured by the lattice, capturing the pathos of their existence as indentured prostitutes.”


「fashion plate」最新流行の服を着ている人|Weblio英和辞書より


Hiroshige Utagawa had something to feel when he saw this picture, and thought, "Okay, I'll also draw a picture with a social message!!︎" and he drew a picture of a white cat with Mt. Fuji at sunset ("Asakusa rice field Tori no Ichi") in 1857.That's what I guess. 

↑こっちのほうが、マイルドに気持ちが訳されていて、売れそうです。真っ黒に塗った遊女より。猫ちゃんのほうが。「まぁまぁ…お手やわらかに」日本人男性がよく言う言葉です。↑This one is more mild, and it looks like it's going to sell, compared to a prostitute painted pitch-black. " Well, well ... ladies, be nice and kind" is a word that men often say.

葛飾応為のこの絵は、今で言うパンクアート、オルタナ作品みたいなものだったと思います。そういったアーティストとしてギリギリを攻めた尊い精神性を、芸術大学さんには受け継いで欲しいと思います。I think Katsushika Oi is like a punk artist now. I want the art university to inherit the precious spirituality that walked on the borderline of not getting warned as such an artist.

生きるか死ぬかで必死で抵抗する女性がいて、↓There are women who desperately resist whether to live or die, ↓

それに感銘を受けた男性が作品を残して、(私、英語わからない頃は、ただのサウンドとしてこの曲を聴いてましたが、歌詞の意味を知った時は、それは感動しました。)↓A man who was impressed by it left a work, (When I didn't understand English, I just listened to this song as a sound, but when I learned the meaning of the lyrics, I was impressed.) ↓

"She should have made her mother proud
She should have stood out in the crowd
She should have had another chance
She should have fallen on her stance"

She should have… been a son (x4)

https://denihilo.com/been-a-son/ 全和訳 

カート・コバーンによる、強烈なフェミニズムの歌です。これがジャパニーズのリスナーにどこまで伝わってるのか、疑問ですが…It's a song of intense feminism by Kurt Cobain. I'm doubting how correctly this has been transmitted to the Japanese listeners. 

男性の作ったそっちのほうが世界で広まって、世の中が動き始めた、というのが90年代だったのです。本来は、これからは、女性が声を上げた時点で変わらないといけないのです。それが、日本は、まだまだ1991年(33年前)の欧米の状況にすらもなっていません。まるで、どこかの発展途上国のよう。It was in the 90s that it spread in the world by men and the world began to move. From now on, it should change when the woman raises her voice. That's why Japan is not even in the 90s yet. It's like some developing country.

We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.



While playing live, I found that a woman in the audience was sexually abused by a male customer, stopped playing, and said, "Low, look, that guy (laughs) ahahahaha" and Nirvana's card that embarrassed the man from the stage. Mbar. I want all men on earth to be people who can protect women like Kurt Cobain.


For those who have been sexuall victimized, it may be a video that reminds you of trauma, you don't have to watch it. It's just a short video that Kurt that is playing suddenly puts the guitar on the floor, goes to the front row, points his finger, like "Hey, stop it," and says, "Look at him, hahaha" to embarrass a creepy man," and the venue is full of fuss about the justice and courage of the songwriters. 


↓I mean, this man that wrote the "tone polishing article" is shit for all women. 

I wrote about it. (in Japanese. i was so resented that I couldn't translate it, Je suis désolé!)